The Digital Passport for your brand's future success

We empower brands to unlock the full potential of their products through digitalization.

What we do

By transforming analogical serial numbers into digital passports, we help brands overcome critical challenges like traceability, counterfeiting, and smuggling. Our cutting-edge Smart Serial Number Technology™ adds a powerful layer of innovation, connecting customers and products like never before. This enables brands to trace the complete lifecycle of their bicycles, gather valuable insights on product usage, consumer behavior, and retail activities. Armed with this information, our clients gain a competitive edge, making informed business decisions and driving strategic growth.


Enhanced Security and Traceability Solution

Experience enhanced security and traceability for your products with our fully white-label Smart Serial Number Technology™. Connect your standard serial numbers to a unique URL link within your brand's official website for seamless tracking and access to comprehensive product information. Take control of your brand's future—implement our Smart Serial Number Technology™ today!


Free your brand from financial and reputation damages

Our technology updates the way you communicate to your customers and sets a fully customizable tool for you to guarantee the authenticity of your products and their origin. It is the DNA of your products and brand in the digital and the real world.

You don't need to be a specialist to ensure that a bicycle, part, or equipment is authentic. You just need a smartphone.



Grow your global community and expand your CRM database encouraging customers to connect through the SSN™

Our touchless and app-free technology allows customers worldwide to point their smartphones to an SSN™ and register their equipment. At the same time, we remove all the unnecessary steps to any activating process. Just read, connect and ride!

industry 4.0

Applying the Smart concept in strategic initiatives

Smart Factories

SSN is compatible with Industry 4.0 solutions to bring data-driven processes and operational flexibility to build and configure with IoT sensors like RFID or NFC placed temporally or permanently on the products.

Smart Retailers and Distributors

BikeHero offers a free-of-charge platform to empower retailers and distributors, providing a complete database of your SSN Customers with the tools and information that they need to do their best work

Smart Maintenance

Customers can link their SSN™ activated products to Garmin Connect™, and Strava™ accounts to open a new range of possibilities in preventive maintenance offers. It’s your brand closer to cyclists and also closer to the retailers.


smart services

Drive your sales growth by offering tech solutions for the retailers

Reach more users by offering strategic services and partnering with companies such as insurance companies and banks.

Case Studies