Connecting brands and customers to provide better digital experiences 

scan, connect, ride

No apps

By pointing your smartphone camera to a QR Code without downloading any apps, we connect customers instantly to your brand.

Customers connected to the brand can change certificate the ownership of an item and get access to customized products, such as cashback, extended warranty services, insurance, proof of authenticity, origin, and much more.

It sounds familiar

Take your customers directly to your website

Public and private access

Check authenticity by using the serial number or get private access utilizing the exclusive owner's key.


Your customers can change and certify the ownership of an item, you can track the maintenance history of the product, and the customer can even claim the loss or theft of a bicycle.

Smart services

Engage your community by connecting them using Garmin Connect™ or Strava™ and improve lifetime value and retailers revenue creating smart maps of maintenance.

Customize to fit your needs

Components replacing history, document gathering, second-hand sale follow-up, and much more.

ownership proof

Fight against irregular bicycles, counterfeiting, and smuggling

Customize the ownership certificate according to brand's design. The key carrier can access private area and get proof or ownership and bicycle history.

Retailers platform

Retailers and distributors keep on track with their customers

BikeHero offers a free-of-charge platform to empower retailers and distributors providing a full database of your SSN Customers with the tools and information they need to do their best work.

Case Studies

Audax Bicycle

Full industry 4.0 solutions to solve from supply chain issues to the generation of value for products in the bike shops.