Trust for those who sell, safety for those who buy

What we do

We support online bicycle marketplaces and bike shops to sell second-hand bicycles more safely and authentically. Our digital certificate ensures the product's origin and formalizes deals between seller and buyer.

With the exclusive BikeHero® technology, it is easy and fast to generate your Transfer Certificate in complete safety, without leaving your home and without having to download any app.

The public regulatory department can automatically and instantly verify the identities of both seller and the buyer, and we certify the ownership of the bicycle with photos and videos, associating all transaction documentation in a single digital document.

bicycle ownership transfer

Transform paperwork into a digital document

Certificates purchase and sale transactions with proprietorship inspection and digital authenticity validation.

Identity Proof

The buyer and seller's identities are checked digitally.

Possess Inspection

Bicycle information anti-fraud validation by photo and video.

Authenticity validation

Both transaction and product authenticity are validated in the BikeHero platform

Allows the verification of insurance companies and public security agencies.

Put together the bicycle documentation to be accessed online.

Gather all your bike documentation in one place.

Always have seller information on hand for when you need it.

Transfer ownership of your certified bike with a single click.

possess inspection

Get proof of possess of a bicycle using anti-fraud technology

Bikehero's technology confirms by video and photo to warranty the seller has the bicycle with him to protect buyers against the fraudulent announcement.

Case studies

Fighting the Illegal trade of used bicycles

See how Semexe.com, the biggest Latin American marketplace partnered with BikeHero to built a digital experience for all second-hand bicycle transaction and also fighting frauds in It's online transactions.

Customer's experience

What users tell about BikeHero's certificate

I've got the certificate to buy a bicycle from e-commerce so that I could have safer transactions and all de documents saved on the platform.


Besides I have safer buying a used bicycle online, Bikehero's team helped me with useful tips for the best usage of my certificate. Thank you!


All Brazilian Bicycle Insurer trusts on BikeHero's Certificate