Fighting the illegal trade of used bicycles

BikeHero developed the Trade Certificates and Ownership Certificates for online transactions on the Marketplace platform. It assures more security for sellers and buyers, meeting the requirements of the Brazilian legislation. It is accepted as judicial evidence in case of fraud and by insurance companies as a guarantee of the bike's origin, part, or equipment.

About Semexe

Semexe is a Brazilian Startup Company that references the marketplace of buying and selling used sports equipment in Latin America and brings together a community of over 500,000 cyclists. Technology, safety and content, specialized service, and the passion for the cycling culture guide the business that connects the bike community.

The challenge

The company was looking for a digital interface fully integrated into its platform to offer safety and security in commercial transactions between customers from different parts of the country. Trading high-value products needed validation to meet legal requirements of the Brazilian legislation, and that could be accepted as judicial documentary evidence to avoid fraud and scams.

Why BikeHero

The BikeHero Bicycle Transaction Certificates reduce the rate of fraudulent transactions in the used bicycle trading business. It inspects the initial ownership of the bike. It validates the identity of the seller and the buyer through facial recognition technology enabling the verification and validation of documents in official governmental databases.

Once generated, the certificate can have its validity checked on the platform, and the deal can be done in security.

The Impact

The partnership between BikeHero and Semexe made it possible to deliver a 100% digital, more fluid, and faster journey to the customer, reducing the transaction time. It is fully integrated into the marketplace operation, drastically reducing the number of frauds and complaints.

Currently, only the transactions validated by the solutions of BikeHero can be effectively completed on the platform.


We are very concerned about our customer's experience and safety. An essential point in choosing BikeHero's solutions is the speed of learning, response, and delivery. Just like here at Semexe, they understand that this ability to adapt their interface quickly is vital to the partnership's success. What I can say is that we know that we got it right when we chose BikeHero as a partner.

Gabriel Novais - CMO Semexe


Customer Experience Index

As it was my first time buying at, I felt safe with the guidance and attention are given by their support experts. In addition to the procedures and protocols to be followed, which only increase trust and security in the transaction. I recommend.

Tiago Souza Cassiano - Semexe Customer