Value through a security solution for Specialized Brasil customers

Deliver an exclusive insurance program using a fully digital interface, allowing Specialized customers in Brazil to choose between different insurance options with a high coverage rate, being delivered to the market by the official retailers as a competitive add-on to products and a decision-maker in a purchase.

About Specialized Brasil

The American Company, founded by Mike Sinyard in 1974, is known for building state-of-the-art bicycles, introducing innovative technologies, and delivering to customers worldwide the best experiences a cyclist can have.

The Brazilian subsidiary of the brand must adapt immediately to the local market trends and characteristics. Unfortunately, living in the largest country in South America, with high rates of theft and robbery, owners of high-end bicycles are subject to have bad experiences. The solution to deliver safety and elevate satisfaction in the customer experience journey, BikeHero introduced a fully customized insurance program, powered by HDI, including theft and damage caused by accidents, to replace a product once a problem occurs immediately.

The challenge

From the brainstorming, we faced a triple challenge. The first was to
balance the strategic interests of Specialized Brazil besides offering a new product to support business development.

The second is with the official retailers, called partners, motivating and engaging them to provide the insurance program as decision-making to help their sales.

The last and most complicated one with the insurance companies is developing an insurance product specifically for the bike market that meets all security requirements for risk underwriting.

Why BikeHero

Specialized Brazil considered the experience and close relationship between BikeHero and its insurance expertise to develop this program from scratch. Every detail was carefully reviewed, from pricing to determining plans and coverages, email automation, and electronic signatures for insurance contract validation.

The BikeHero Anti-Fraud Technology meets the requirements for risk underwriting with insurers by using security tools such as pre-existence validation of the bike and identity verification, which are essential for approval with regulatory organizations in the insurance industry.


The Impact

In operation since its launch in October 2020, it can be considered the most successful insurance program for bikes created in Latin America. The retailers quickly incorporated it, supported by a specialized team of consultants, in the BikeHero's office.

In addition, to meet the insurance program, BikeHero developed an unprecedented solution that instantly remunerates the retailer with a commission on every insurance activation.


The partnership with BikeHero brought our cyclists more practicality and safety to Specialized Brazil. The BikeHero ‘APPless’ experience brings technological resources that positively transform the cyclist's journey when contracting insurance, streamlining, and assuring the process at the time of the bicycle purchase.

Dado Lima - Retail Development Manager - Specialized Brazil


Experiência do cliente

Very easy to use and user-friendly! I loved the easy-to-use platform.

Fernando Perruso Trota - BikeHero/Specialized Customer

Congratulations on the platform. Very intuitive and easy to use.

Rodrigo Fontanini - Specialized Customer