We are still leaning about us

Who has told you you cannot fly? Bulshit!

Each step is nothing but learning

At BikeHero, we believe we can revolutionize the bicycle industry through technology.

Our solutions set a direct connection between Industries, Brands, Products, Retailers, and Cyclists by adding a technology layer that systemically connects the entire chain through a fully customizable CRM platform developed for each customer. We provide integration to transform strategical market information over consumer behavior, product trends, and sales performance, offering disruptive solutions.

BikeHero was born from the need to offer high-tech and user-friendly security solutions for the bicycle market. Our initial impressions were that as cyclists, we need to be safe while riding. From this issue, we brought an insurance program customized for Bike Brands to bring differentiation and diversification in sales propositions for bike shops and distributors. It was the first time riders could ride their bikes safely without worrying about their equipment being stolen or damaged.

With the learnings of running this solution, it was time to go further.  We are ready to revolutionize the bicycle industry again with customized solutions for a better understanding of their customers, to develop new products and services, and to make brands grow.